Short Story (Part 2): When The Tide Comes In

Last week our intrepid party-goer Ellie met a rather curious bar-tender and found herself in a bit of a pickle as she hit the bathroom floor. The question is, where did she wake up? (What do you mean you didn't read last weeks installment? What are you waiting for, it's right here: When The Tide … Continue reading Short Story (Part 2): When The Tide Comes In

Brain Boil: Mind-Thistle Reloaded

Heads turned to see me, arms raised to the sky and imploring existence to "give me a goddamn notebook!"School mothers quirked worried smiles at me as my son stopped his bike and said "are you alright daddy?"No! Not at all, for my brain had caught alight and I had no means by which to write … Continue reading Brain Boil: Mind-Thistle Reloaded