Short Story (Part 5 Finale): When The Tide Comes In

In our last installment Aphelia was downed and stranded in the no man's land of the battlefield where she encountered one of the enemy who showed her a strange mercy. Taking Theran's lifeless body with her, she finally reached the embattle company of soldiers who are waiting for the artillery barrage to open up an … Continue reading Short Story (Part 5 Finale): When The Tide Comes In

Short Story (Part 4): When The Tide Comes In

Part 4 coming in. Sorry for anyone waiting - doubly so because this is actually going to be the penultimate chapter. And I know that it's more than a touch unpolished. Ultimately it's more like getting ideas down for later. This story likely needs development in terms of plot and character, but as some would … Continue reading Short Story (Part 4): When The Tide Comes In

Covidoverload: Thoughts On Coronaconspiracies

The world is a bizarre place, filled with unknowable oddities and questionable realities, and adding to this is some of the strange posts that pop up from friends on things like Facebook. I've seen anti-vax Bill Gates stuff, the 5G effect with a side order of microchipping coming to a brain near you, the establishment's … Continue reading Covidoverload: Thoughts On Coronaconspiracies

Crumbs For Crow #4: Were You Ever Really Here?

With Or Without YouOh, how many times have you been caught thinking, "I wish I'd never been born?" It's like the motto of the civilised peon when confronted with their inevitable slavery, so cunning in its artifice that the chains are mere smoke and mirrors, a world of bread and circuses filled with sound and … Continue reading Crumbs For Crow #4: Were You Ever Really Here?

Crumbs For Crow #3: Apocalypse Disco

 Apocalypse DiscoPfff! The dust is settling and everyone's suddenly playing the existential blues on a vintage guitar with two strings while some journalistic hack bangs away on an old, broken piano tuned by an establishment that can only summon enough cognitive prowess to think in black and white.The proverbial arse has fallen out of the … Continue reading Crumbs For Crow #3: Apocalypse Disco