List of Works

Red Star Rising: In the City of the Shining Spires, Shale and her gneblim buddy Scamorza are having a bad day. The Birdeater gang have taken their money and so Shale decides to gamble on a prospecting trip through an ancient, alien portal. They could get lucky and strike it rich, but more likely there wont be enough left to scrape into a body bag.

  • Prologue (coming soon)
  • Chapter 1 (coming soon)
  • Chapter 2 (coming soon)
  • Chapter 3 (coming soon)

Miscellaneous Shorts: One offs that aren’t part of anything in particular.

Irrevenant: The comedic adventure of Thaadrek and his unlikely allies as they take on the might of the Triune and its empire.

Crow: The ever mysterious trouble maker, trickster and sometimes cretin.

Mind Thistle Run: Captain Carohlano must take her crew across the treacherous, hallucinogenic desert known as The Mind-Thistle in order to find a lost civilisation.

Articles & Other: