This all started when my form tutor – Mr. Butterworth – having taken an interest in the well being of this rather morbid and introverted teen, remarked of the fantasy novel I was reading: “A bottle of whiskey, a typewriter, and you could write this stuff Dave.”

Over the years that followed I amassed a box load of notebooks and ideas, studied Anthropology and worked in an office post room where I wrote my first full length tale during the lulls.

Meanwhile I performed at Summer Solstice with the King’s Drummers, started playing guitar and worked on amassed a collection of vinyl records. Years passed, and eventually I became a father and a husband. It was at this time, while working as a temp to support my nascent family, that I penned the short story that would become the basis for Red Star Rising.

I am currently doing the last edits to this novel before sending it off to an editor, and am presently residing year round in a yurt with my wife, son and cat Hendrix (the mouse slasher) in the curiously named hamlet of Mogador.