The Dark Crystal: Fantasy, Animism & Subversion

What might one say of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? Lovers of the original, like myself, appear to be blown away by it, and even those who didn't like the original movie have nothing but good things to say about it. So if you haven't watched it, don't waste time reading this and go … Continue reading The Dark Crystal: Fantasy, Animism & Subversion

Brain Boil: Mind-Thistle Reloaded

Heads turned to see me, arms raised to the sky and imploring existence to "give me a goddamn notebook!"School mothers quirked worried smiles at me as my son stopped his bike and said "are you alright daddy?"No! Not at all, for my brain had caught alight and I had no means by which to write … Continue reading Brain Boil: Mind-Thistle Reloaded