Cassandra Says Hi, Dickhead

This one was a little bit Bukowski (*so you want to be a writer?), sort of warts and all. It just popped out and I posted it after being inspired by the decidedly irrational comments section of Radio Leicester's Facebook page. A friend had posted how great it was to see people rallying to the … Continue reading Cassandra Says Hi, Dickhead

Crumbs For Crow #3: Apocalypse Disco

 Apocalypse DiscoPfff! The dust is settling and everyone's suddenly playing the existential blues on a vintage guitar with two strings while some journalistic hack bangs away on an old, broken piano tuned by an establishment that can only summon enough cognitive prowess to think in black and white.The proverbial arse has fallen out of the … Continue reading Crumbs For Crow #3: Apocalypse Disco