If you’re on old reader dropping by, rest assured that I am still here. It’s been a long road since I first started this page, and I’ve tried a variety of different approaches that just haven’t panned out. Somewhere along the way I lost focus on the narratives, and the truth is: I am not a blogger.

Instead of trying to fill the void with writing that is either some tired trope about the process of being a writer or which is about something tangential or irrelevant, I’m focusing on getting the actual narratives that matter to me done. Sure, it was fun writing stuff like The Sound of Crickets in High Summer, but it was just an amusing aside. So…..

I won’t pretend that everything on here is great – much of it is smply WIP that could badly do with an editor, and like I said, some of it is just for fun – but what I want to focus on now is simply getting the books that are in my head written out. There’s a back log, and if I don’t fixated on them, then they’ll never come to life. Right now then, this page is going to be a store for what I’ve done, and a platform for what is coming.

I hope you enjoy!

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